Uses for Tags and Categories

Tags and Categories are really handy when your blog becomes larger to sort your posts and make them easily searchable, but for students they have another use.

When teachers mark your work they look to see where you have met the assessment criteria. Use Tags or Categories to show them. This will point out places were you have tried but maybe not succeeded enough for your teacher to notice your effort. It’s also impressive student behaviour and can only improve your teacher’s mood, which can’t hurt!

Indicating where you have addressed assessment criteria is impressive student behaviour because it shows that you are thinking about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Effective learners think about what they are learning, but also about how they learn and how they can communicate their learning.

Adding new categories and tags is easily done in the Edit Post view. Scroll down the page looking to the right until you see the “+Add New Category” link or the text box into which you can type the new tag.

Help with Categories and Tags can be found here: